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Customised GPS solutions

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We develop customised solutions tailored specifically to your company or industry. As GPS signals can be used in a variety of ways and can help in countless situations. In the course of a non-binding discussion, we will work out the ideal solution for your requirements together.

Ensure security, improve and speed up processes and take advantage of the latest technologies to increase efficiency. 

Controlling & Management Consulting

GPS devices can transmit a wide range of data. They can be upgraded with extra sensors, such as for measuring temperature or humidity. This data is always available up-to-date during live tracking and can be provided with alarms in our service tool.

However, it would be a lost treasure if these data were not used further in controlling, quality assurance or human resources. Through interfaces, the data can be transferred automatically and used in downstream systems. Talk to us. We are also a management consultancy with over 15 years of experience in the industry. We create an individual offer based on a needs analysis.

We guarantee quality and security

We pay special attention to the quality of our equipment and software products. We also guarantee a high level of server security and stand for the best quality of advice and service.


Hands on access

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→ Special developments

Our software is

state of the art

→ clear, concise, modern

→ easy to use

→ web-based


Data security is based on

encrypted software access

→ redundant servers

→ multiple level backups

→ data storage for several months

Our tracking devices are


→ from worldwide leading manufacturers

→ own internal quality tests

→ proven products

Customer loyalty is based on

E-mail & telephone support

→ personal aftercare

→ straightforward warranty processing


Any questions?

Our advisors are always at your disposal! Contact us:

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