Optimisation of your business processes

GPS fleet management

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With our GPS systems, you automatically receive data from your fleet. This data enables you to optimise your business processes and fleet management extensively.

You benefit from cost savings and increased efficiency. Take advantage of your individual benefits depending on the type of fleet:

Save costs & increase efficiency

GPS fleet management for cars

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On the one hand, our system guarantees data protection, on the other hand, you have great control options. It is possible to check the fuel level and the kilometre reading. In addition to the theft protection, you also get a simple logbook. Another advantage: The installation is very easy, cost-effective and can be carried out quickly!

We offer e.g.:

Automatic fuel level check

Automatic odometer check

→ Simple logbook

And many more…

The perfect solution for more efficiency 

GPS fleet management for trucks

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In this area, our system is the perfect solution to ensure the greatest possible control with the highest level of data protection at the same time. We can show you where the trucks are on a platform independent of the truck manufacturer. Their tachographs and driver cards can be read out automatically from the office. And you can transparently display the number of tours and where the truck has tipped over, all in the driver’s logbook or on the map.

We offer e.g.:


Track and trace evaluation

Fuel monitoring

→ Temperature monitoring

Order transmission

Read out tachograph online

And many more…

More control and faster order processing

GPS for vans

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With the OBD2 devices or cigarette lighter device, we have a simple solution that can be used very cost-effectively to keep an eye on the vehicle fleet. With this plug & play solution, you can also monitor the temperature in the cargo area without having to go to a garage for installation. This saves you costs and, above all, logistics time.

We offer e.g.:


Track and trace evaluation

Fuel monitoring

→ Temperature monitoring

Theft protection

And many more…

Effective with GPS in agriculture & forestry

GPS for agricultural machinery

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GPS support for your agricultural or forestry machinery for cost savings and increased efficiency. Take advantage of one of our comprehensive service packages or work with us to create your customised solution.

We offer e.g.:

Current location of the machines

Operating documentation (e.g. when and where ploughed, which equipment is used)

Location evaluation (e.g. on which fields worked)

Theft protection

And many more…

New GPS uses for large or small assets

GPS for assets

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Whether you have large or small assets with or without power supply, we have tailor-made solutions for your construction machinery fleet and assets with the focus in the following areas.

We offer e.g.:

Tracking (GPS-GSM-Bluetooth)

Machine hour monitoring

Theft protection

Locating and dispatching

And many more…

Use GPS on water too

GPS tracking for boats and yachts

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Whether you want to protect the whole yacht or just the outboard engine, we have the solution for you. You can simply use Plug & Play mobile GPS devices without installation or fixed devices. We are happy to offer you an individual solution for your boat with alarm control centre connection. Use the features such as self-geofence or prohibited geofences to be actively informed of unusual movement.

We offer e.g.:

ride evaluation

Theft protection

→ Alarms & alarm centre

And many more…

GPS solutions for all vehicles

Mixed fleet with GPS system

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Our systems work independently of manufacturers. We can display all your different vehicles in one software. You can use all of our available GPS device models – our software shows you everything uniformly and clearly:



Flatbed truck


Construction machinery


Special machinery

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