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The data reducing logbook

GPS devices can transmit several thousand individual position data per day with additional information. Infostars has developed the 4-level logbook especially for internal evaluation purposes in order to reduce the flood of data to the essentials. The evaluations are targeted and clear for companies. Daily reports can be checked for plausibility in a few seconds.

The interactive GPS electronical logbook has four levels in which the data is clearly summarised according to different criteria. With a mouse click you can switch between the detail levels and have more or less details displayed. The modern drill down and drill up function speeds up the evaluations. The driver’s logbook is linked to a track view (route view), so that you can easily track the trips visually. This distinguishes it from our private business logbook and the driver’s logbook in essential points.

Time saving with the GPS logbook

The evaluation in the GPS electronical logbook is dynamic and thus offers great time-saving potential, as only targeted detailed data is displayed. This is made possible by a drill-up and drill-down function. In addition, the interactive GPS logbook can be divided into the following levels:


→ Free period selection (e.g.: month, week, 7 days, Friday 16:00 to Monday 05:00)

→ Daily summary (first start and last stop per day; kilometres per day)

→ Open interfaces (e.g. for SAP, BMD)

→ Plausibility checks within seconds

GPS logbook with several levels

The GPS logbook has 4 summary levels (period, day, trip, location points) for quick & easy checking through drill down and drill up function.

Switch from one level of detail to the next with the click of a mouse. This function allows you to check the plausibility of one day of the logbook within 5 seconds.

GPS logbook period summary

In the GPS logbook period summary, all vehicles in the account are displayed and summarised. This makes it easy to check the operating times and kilometres driven by all vehicles at the same time. The list can be sorted by values, so that, for example, the vehicles with the highest KM performance are displayed at the top.

The period for this view is freely selectable. It can be a month or a week or Friday 16:00 to Monday 04:00.

Since only one line per vehicle is displayed in the period summary, the data is perfectly prepared for a plausibility check. If you now need more information, you can switch to the next level of detail – day summary – with a mouse click.

GPS logbook daily summary

In the daily summary of the GPS driver’s logbook, the first start and last stop per day as well as the daily km performance are clearly displayed in one line. This enables the payroll department to reconcile a daily report at a glance.

GPS Logbook Track resp. Route View

From this summary of the GPS logbook, the track and/or route of the vehicle can be displayed for up to 62 days at a time. This gives you a visual overview of the vehicle’s area of operation. For example, if there is a track outside the usual area of operation, you can find out when and where this was with a mouse click. If this is still not meaningful enough, you can display the data of the day in question in the day detail view with a mouse click.

If there are any uncertainties during the plausibility check, you can switch to the next level with a mouse click – day detail view.

GPS Logbook Day Detail View

In the daily detail view of the GPS logbook you can now see every single trip of the day. Always divided into start location and start time, stop location and stop time, driving time, standing time, driven KM, average speed. The times and locations are also displayed separately for additional information such as movement, blue light, crane, etc.. This makes it possible to evaluate whether a vehicle has the ignition on and is also moving or how often and where the truck has tipped over.

GPS Logbook with Bar Chart View

This daily detail view of the GPS logbook can be switched to a bar chart view, making it extremely easy to visually read journey times, movement and other information.
From the daily detail view, it is possible to switch to the view of the individual tracking points.

GPS logbook – each individual tracking point

In this most detailed view of the GPS logbook, you can also see the speed as well as the address in the location point. You can display this location point on the electronic map with a mouse click.

GPS logbook with several filters, geoareas filer

The GPS logbook can be restricted via the geoarea filter. In the view and also in the PDF report, you will only see the vehicles that have driven into or out of this zone in the selected period. This makes it very easy to make post-calculations for construction sites.

GPS logbook with privat tour protection (tax office logbook)

If the privat/business logbook (tax office logbook) including private protection is booked, private journeys are not displayed in the GPS logbook – due to data protection, labour law & GDRP! This applies to the map view of the tour and as well to the GPS logbook itself. The private journeys can only be evaluated according to the logic of the private/business logbook.


 Further advantages:

Questions such as how many loads were carried, where was tipping carried out, how long was tipping carried out or where was gritting carried out can be answered in a few seconds.

Temperature or humidity can also be recorded and provided with alarms. Technically, almost anything is possible. We can implement everything for you, adapted to your needs.

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