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GPS Deployment in Supply Chain Management

The use of GPS in supply chain management is becoming increasingly important to reduce warehousing costs. Essential for any management is knowing when the goods will arrive. Having a delivery date provided by the supplier is, of course, a necessity. The key in modern supply chain management is knowing where the goods are and when they will arrive.

Keeping an eye on the goods

With Infostars’ GPS devices, you can achieve this at two points. If you install an OBD2 device in the truck or delivery vehicle, you can always see where the vehicle is located. You can upgrade this with a wireless temperature sensor, so you always know the temperature in the cargo area in real-time. With a wireless door sensor, you also receive information or automatic alerts when the cargo space is opened.

If you don’t have access to the trucks or delivery vehicles in the supply chain or if the goods are being transshipped, you should use our mobile GPS devices. These are small and efficient. We recommend our Asset Trackers, which support 2G and 4G. These have a very long runtime and support cell tracking!

GPS Tracking and Cell Tracking

The mobile GPS devices transmit GPS positions, which are usually accurate to meters. However, if the GPS signal is shielded, for example, because the goods are in the truck under other packages or because the goods are in a container, the GPS device cannot determine a new position. Thanks to cell tracking, however, you can always retrieve an up-to-date position. Although it is less accurate than a GPS position, you can still see the progress and know where the goods are on the journey.

Worldwide Data Transmission in 172 Countries

The packages offered with tariffs provide data transmission in 172 countries worldwide. The available networks for the GPS devices can also be individually tuned and expanded.

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Your benefits at a glance:

→ Live location of the goods

Direct tracking of the goods

Theft protection

→ Temperature and humidity monitoring

→ Corridor tracking possible

→ Alarms on leaving and arriving at the warehouse or intermediate storage

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Asset GPS Tracking Advanced

Locate your cargo anytime worldwide either through GPS or GSM cell tracking, including SIM card and data transmission costs in 172 countries worldwide..

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→ Address with house number & zone

→ Geofences with alerts

→ Route track

→ GPS and cell tracking

→ SIM card with data transmission in 172 countries included