Protect your cargo from thieves!

Cargo theft

Delivery Fraud – Cargo Theft

Cargo theft has been on the rise lately. Whether you have valuable goods, regardless of the size of the cargo, we can support you with our GPS devices to make life very difficult for thieves.

Make the thief’s life difficult 

Thieves usually don’t expect that a GPS device is monitoring the goods every step of the way. Our GPS devices are small but have a very long battery life, support alternative cell tracking, and can be reused.

GPS tracking and cell tracking

By using GPS tracking and cell tracking, you can track your goods live and take immediate countermeasures in the event of theft. GPS tracking is usually accurate to meters, and cell tracking kicks in when the GPS device cannot determine a GPS position. With cell tracking, you also receive position information when the goods are transported in a van or container.

Powerful mobile GPS devices

Mobile GPS devices can be intelligently and individually tailored to your requirements. The battery life can be optimized based on the transmission frequency. We have devices that can last up to 10 years if they send once a day, or the devices can send positions several times per minute. Either in a fixed interval or depending on movement.

Your benefits at a glance

GSM tracking and GPS tracking

Long battery life

Transmission frequency of the GPS device easily changeable in software

Geofence alarms

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Your perfect product

The Best Package Against Cargo Theft

GPS Tracking Advanced

Track your cargo anytime worldwide either through GPS or GSM cell tracking, including SIM card and data transmission costs in 172 countries worldwide..

→ Live tracking display of all assets on Google Maps

→ Address with house number & zone

→ Geofences with alerts

→ Route view

→ GPS and cell tracking

→ SIM card with data transmission in 172 countries included