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Thanks to GPS tracking, alarms can be sent very early, countermeasures can be initiated quickly and tracking of the thief in the vehicle can be started. The probability that the police will find the thief is significantly increased by GPS theft protection.

One of the core functions of a GPS tracking device is to protect a vehicle or asset from theft or to find it again if it has been stolen. There are many different ways to make life difficult for a thief.

Critical time factor

The time factor is the most important influence in a theft. The less time you give the thief, the less successful he will be. Conversely, the later a theft is detected, the less likely it is that the stolen vehicle will be recovered.

Which vehicles are stolen?

Pretty much all vehicles are stolen. The very new vehicles are stolen because someone desperately wants such a vehicle but does not want to buy it legally. The thieves are usually well organised and are looking for a specific vehicle.

Vehicles that are 1 to 2 years old are stolen because they are usually intended to be resold in other countries for less than their market value. The thieves hope that buyers will think they have made a “snip”.

Older vehicles are stolen in order to dismantle them and sell them as spare parts. The individual parts are usually more valuable in total and the traceability to a specific vehicle is extremely difficult.

However, very old vehicles are also stolen in order to use an inconspicuous vehicle for other crimes.

Types of GPS theft protection

Depending on the importance of the object, asset or vehicle, different systems can be used or can be used in parallel. These can be divided into the following areas:

→ Simple GPS system

→ GPS system with automatic notification

→ GPS system with immobiliser and silent alarm

→ GPS system with immobiliser and acoustic alarm

→ Several systems in parallel

→ Connection to alarm centre

Simple GPS system

If you use a GPS device only with a locating function but without active communication, then this is a passive system. These systems are the most affordable, but also offer the least protection.

With this system, you must detect a theft and then locate the vehicle. If tracking is not possible or if the vehicle or asset is tracked in a foreign country where recovery is not possible (economically or physically), you will not have saved any money, but the opposite.

GPS system with automatic notification

Use at least a GPS system where you are actively notified. With our alarm sending module you will be actively informed about alarms. This is done either by e-mail or SMS. In addition, you can connect your vehicle or asset to an alarm centre.

In our GPS software you can always see the last known position, because the devices are actively transmitting and this is stored. So you don’t have to “call up” first, but are informed immediately.

GPS system with immobiliser and silent alarm

This alarm system only lets the vehicle start if the correct chip card is recognised. The ingenious thing is that the chip card is read through the dashboard. This means that the reader can be hidden out of sight.

If a thief now reprograms the vehicle’s control unit in order to learn a new vehicle key, this will not be successful. He cannot put the vehicle into operation. At the same time, a silent alarm is sent so that you are informed about the attempt.

GPS system with immobiliser and audible alarm.

This is the same system as with silent alarm, but now a siren on the vehicle is also activated.

This siren acoustically draws attention to the alarm. This is usually positive because it puts the thief under time pressure. Usually a thief will then leave the vehicle and look for an easier prey.

Multiple systems in parallel

Use 2 GPS units in the vehicle. If the thief has found 1 device, he will stop searching because he does not assume that there is a second device in the vehicle.

In this case, it is recommended that a mobile GPS device is used in addition to a permanently installed device. The mobile device is unobtrusive and transmits even if the vehicle battery is disconnected.

We also have a plug-and-play anti-theft device. This consists of a GPS device that plugs into the OBD2 connector and a mobile device. These devices are connected via Bluetooth.

If the OBD device is unplugged, it sends out a disconnection alarm. If the mobile device no longer recognises the OBD device, it automatically changes its transmission rhythm and also sends an alarm.

Caution: never use an OBD2 GPS device alone to protect your vehicle. Usually this will send a unplugging alarm. If the thief throws the device out of the window and drives away with your vehicle 15 seconds later, you have almost no additional protection.

Connection to the alarm centre

What do you do if you are on holiday and get an alarm from your GPS device? Or what do you do if you get an alarm and go to the vehicle and see a thief inside? Your life is probably more important than a vehicle.

Leave the capture of a thief to the police!

If the alarm is sent to the alarm centre, then they will take action and contact you. If you cannot pick up the phone, the alarm centre will immediately send an alarm driver or the police to the vehicle. The alarm centre takes over the coordination with the police. This way you can go on holiday in peace and your vehicle is still protected.

How good is a car manufacturer’s alarm system?

If your vehicle meets a professional thief, car manufacturer alarm systems are worthless. The thief will bypass them in a matter of seconds. Even a GPS device from a car manufacturer will not bring the desired success.

The problem is that the systems are standardised by the manufacturers and are also installed in a standardised way. This means that a professional thief knows what has been installed and how. He therefore has the information on how to bypass or switch off the system.

The alarm system is neutralised by the thief learning a new vehicle key via the control unit. This only takes a few seconds. He then unlocks the vehicle with the newly learned key and the vehicle is ready to drive.

It is similar with the manufacturer’s own GPS device. He knows where it is installed. The thief usually drives to a car park where he can get to the GPS device undisturbed and remove it.

Last but not least, we have often heard that vehicle manufacturers “talk themselves out of” data protection and refuse to track a vehicle in the event of theft, referring to data protection.

Success speaks for the system

With the high-quality systems with immobiliser, no vehicle has ever been successfully stolen.


Vehicle protection despite keyless entry

→ Immediate information about alarm

→ Countermeasures are taken immediately

→ Data protection-compliant alarm centre certified according to EN 50518

→ Unbureaucratic coordination of the police by the alarm centre

→ Retrieval possibility in case of theft

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Further areas of use

The number of thefts of construction equipment on construction sites is constantly increasing. Protect your valuable equipment with GPS tracking.

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