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GPS tracking device

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Depending on your requirements, we have the most suitable GPS tracking device. For this purpose, we work together with various leading manufacturers worldwide. We have GPS tracking devices for fixed installation, mobile devices and devices that only need to be plugged into the vehicle.

Our devices have all the necessary certifications. All GPS tracking devices are also subjected to a very extensive internal evaluation before being released for sale.

GPS dongle

The low-cost GPS solution for beginners

The economical way to use our tracking software. The device is simply plugged into the onboard diagnostic port (OBD) and is immediately ready for use. Installation in a workshop is not necessary.

The GPS dongle enables::

→ Recording of mileage


→ Alarm when unplugged

→ Route view

Mobile GPS tracking device

Active for up to 10 years even without power supply

Our mobile GPS tracking devices are powered either by a rechargeable or non-rechargeable battery. Depending on the settings and the application, the devices can last up to 10 years, even if they send a GPS position at least once a day. For this reason, mobile devices are very popular in asset tracking.

BLE Beacon as an alternative

BLE beacons are small, inexpensive tracking devices. They can be located very well at short range and indoor. This makes them a perfect complement to GPS tracking devices.

GPS tracking device for fixed installation

Would you like more?

Our GPS tracking devices for fixed installation are ideal when it comes to theft protection, for example. They are installed invisibly so that potential thieves do not know abou it. Furtheron you are informed about the location of your vehicle at all times. These devices also offer alarm functions, electronic, mechanical immobilisers and much more (depending on the model and the scope of your software package). In addition, you can retrieve a lot of additional information, such as the tank level, temperatur, speedometer reading, etc. all in real time.

Additional functions of built-in GPS tracking devices:

→ All functions of the GPS dongle

→ Theft protection

→ Temperature

→ Auxiliary inputs (crane, tipper, overload, maintenance, etc.)

→ Reading out the tachograph

→ Switching between private and business trips via switch in the car

  Driver recognition

→ Reading out Canbus data

And much more…

Any questions?

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GPS tracking device for installation

GPS built-in device

The entry-level package at a particularly favourable price, optionally expandable at any time and configurable to your individual requirements..

km, tracing, logbook


dashboard KM values

Fuel and consumption display, and much more.